Water Heater Repair & Installation

Service, Repair & Install Conventional or Tankless Water Heaters Southeastern MA

Do you have a hot water heater that leaks or won't stay lit? Are you running out of hot water faster than you should be? Have you put off taking care of these problems?  It's easy to procrastinate water heater repairs. You may take a water heater for granted because they last so long and very rarely present any problems. The average hot water heater has a life expectancy of 7 to 10 years depending on use, hardness of water, and other factors. The truth is, it's far better to get your hot water heater repaired quickly, than to wait and be forced to buy a new hot water heater.

A phone call to Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating for quick service can save you money and a lot of time. Our Southeastern MA plumbers have the expertise and knowledge to assist you with maintaining, repairing, and installing conventional tank water heaters and tankless water heaters.

Call Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating for Hot Water Heater Installation

All plumbers working at Dun-RIGHT are trained to install various types of hot water heaters: electric, gas, propane, power vent, and tankless. Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating technicians ensure that all repairs and installations meet the required plumbing codes established for your protection. We stake our reputation on every install we do.

Longtime Massachusetts resident Bill Dunphy owns and operates Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating.  Family-oriented, independent, and community focused, Bill has a distinct advantage over the chain appliance stores. Unlike the big, impersonal retail stores, Bill puts his reputation on the line every time he and his team do a repair or install.  Dun-RIGHT also offers a flat fee for all their services – no hourly rates or hidden costs. The price quoted is what you pay, and Bill stands behind every service his company performs.

Tankless Water Heater Upgrades

When you invest in upgrading your current hot water heater to a tankless water heater, you will see some immediate differences. “Instant” hot water on demand means no waiting for it to warm up. Your energy and water bill will go down because it takes less gas or electricity to deliver the hot water and you will use less water each month.  Remember, there is no large tank taking up space while  constantly drawing on gas or electricity to keep the water in the tank heated.  Most Southeastern MA homeowners can save an average of 30 to 35% on heating costs alone, with a properly installed tankless water heater. At Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating we can show you the differences between conventional and tankless hot water heaters. We're sure you will quickly see how a tankless hot water heater can save you money, use less water, less energy, and give you an endless supply of hot water.

When only the best will do, just make one call and we'll be there with top-of-the-line service and professionalism you can count on. Let us show you why so many local families trust Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating.

"When You Need it Done Right, Call Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating"

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