Sink Repair and Installation Services in Southeastern MA

Installing Sinks for Home or Office

No matter what type of sink you have in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or garage, there will be times when you will be forced to either repair or replace the sink. When you think of a sink, you don't really see what could possibly need to be repaired. In reality, the type of sink you have (stainless steel, ceramic, granite, copper, brass, concrete, or plastic) can dictate the longevity of the sink. Of course the amount of use a sink gets also plays a big part in repair and replacement. Our local plumbers at Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating have worked with many homes and offices repairing and upgrading their sinks.

Common Sink Repairs

Do you know how to replace the drain trap in your sink? Do you have the right tools to replace bad O rings which are allowing water to leak around the sink? If the stopper in your bathroom sink stops working, do you know what steps to take to fix it? These are but a few of the questions that we hear daily from customers who call to ask for sink repair help. Sometimes the repair can be simple, other times when you take the DIY route you can actually make the problem worse. When we have someone call in to ask a general repair question, we'll help them as best we can, but if they are not sure of how to fix it, it's best they hire a qualified licensed Southeastern, Massachusettes plumber from Dun-RIGHT to take care of the issue immediately.

Sink Installation Services

Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating in Southeastern MA has extensive experience helping you upgrade your existing sink to a new and affordable sink that will be maintenance free for years to come.  If your sink is old, too small, doesn't match your décor, or has cracks or chips, we can help you find the right one and install it quickly and professionally. We install sinks from every major brand. Our plumbers can handle any sink installation. Just choose your new kitchen sink or bathroom sink and a plumber from Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating will take care of the rest.

Perhaps it's time for a bathroom remodel? Bill Dunphy is an expert in customized bathroom remodeling design and installation. We have access to the leading sink manufacturers worldwide such as Moen, Kraus, American Standard,  Kohler, Elkay and Blanco. There are a lot of copycats out there, and we caution all of our customers to be careful when purchasing an unknown brand. Our expert assistance ensures that you never have to worry about choosing an inferior model or improperly installing something on your own. Providing fully customized services and solutions with respect to sink installation, we are your ideal choice for reliable and affordable plumbing tasks!

Call your trusted plumbers Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating today, and we'll help you with any sink repair or affordable sink installation.

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