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Leak Detection Services Southeastern MA

Plumbers Detect & Repair Leaks Southeastern MA

Have you noticed your water bill going up, but don't know why? Do you hear dripping noises in your pipes or water trickling, but can't locate the source? When you know you have a water leak, but don't know where it's coming from, it's time to call an experienced plumber. The plumbers at Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating are the most experienced and knowledgeable plumbers at leak detection. Bill Dunphy and his team have many years of plumbing experience locating leaks in walls, under floors, in yards and foundations. As quickly as they locate the leak, they have the tools and parts necessary to fix the leak and give you back peace of mind.

Most of the time, leak detection is a simple process, but not always. When there is the occasional hard-to-find leak, Dun-RIGHT will use a fiber optic snake camera, pressure gauges and water detection devices. Our local plumbers are highly qualified and trained to locate  the source of your leak, and efficiently fix your yard line or water line in a very short time.

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Water Line Leaks

A majority of leaks we often deal with are in your water lines. Do you hear leaks in your pipes or lines in the walls?  Have you noticed a buckle in the floor, water stains in your cabinets, or a build up of mildew or mold?  All of these are a pretty good sign you have a water leak. This is something that needs to be dealt with quickly, because ignoring it can lead to serious damage of your property and possible health issues. Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating has been helping families and businesses throughout the greater Southeastern MA area solve their water line leaks, repairing  them quickly and promptly.

Yard Line Leaks

Another common leak we deal with are in the yards of Southeastern MA. If you've ever noticed standing water in your yard but you haven't watered or there's been no rain in a while, you may have a yard line leak. If' you've come across sinking or large soft spots in your yard, it is possible there is a leak underground. Water leaks in the yard can lead to major soil damage and, if the leak is next to your home, foundation problems.

Another way to detect if you have a water leak is a major spike in your water bill. Unless you've received a recent rate increase, this should be a hint that there is a leak either inside or outside the home. If your leak is in the yard, you may be able to dig with a shovel and locate the source, but more often than not, the leak is usually somewhere other than where you find the water damage.

Don't try to guess where the leak is. Get the help of a qualified plumber to find the leak and stop the flooding before you sustain more financial damage. Let us show you why Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating is your first choice for all plumbing needs.

Sewer Leaks

If you are experiencing a foul sewer odor, a backed-up sewer line, or an overgrown patch of grass in your yard, it may be time to call the plumbing experts to inspect your sewer. When your vent pipe is damaged, your property could be filled with the odors from your sewer, and a backed-up line isn't any more pleasant. If your sewer system is experiencing issues, call your local plumber, and we will be out as soon as possible to detect any break or leak in your sewer lines. We will use the latest pipeline video inspection technology to quickly locate the leak or break so that there is minimal digging and damage.

Water Leaks

When you have a water leak, serious damage may occur to your property, especially if the problem goes unchecked. With Dun-RIGHT you know you are in good hands. You can trust our experience, great equipment and upfront pricing to protect your home from water leaks and damages. Whether your pool, sewer, or foundation is leaking you can trust our expert plumbing technicians to do the job right.

Foundation Leaks

Foundation leaks, also known as slab leaks, can be hard to detect until they damage your home. Slab leaks are often caused by damage to the soft copper pipes due to what is known as hard water. This hard water wears down the pipe causing a leak. Left unchecked, this leak can cause high heat and water bills as well as floor damage.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are dangerous to you and your family. When you smell rotten eggs and suspect you have a natural gas leak, the first step is to leave the premises and call 9-1-1. Once your home is safe to enter, you must immediately call expert plumbing contractors to detect and fix the leak in your gas line. Our emergency gas leak services are second to none. Our plumbing professionals can quickly locate the leak and even re-pipe with better material to ensure that this type of leak does not occur again.

Frozen Pipes & Winterizing

A frozen pipe is more than just an inconvenience. When a pipe freezes the water expands and can break the pipe. A burst pipe can mean thousands of dollars in damage in your home. That's why it is important to winterize your home to prevent such disasters. Dun-RIGHT Plumbing offers winterizing services as well as frozen pipe repair. A thorough inspection and some simple precautionary measures can mean the difference between a safe winter and a burst pipe disaster.

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