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Your garbage disposal is one piece of equipment that is easy to take for granted.  Day in and day out, we run all kinds of food scraps down the sink. Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating gets calls all the time from customers telling us what they thought was okay to put down the disposal, when in fact it should have been disposed of in the trash.

Every time you grind up egg shells, apple peels, potato peels, curdled milk, bacon grease or other food waste, you create a slow build up in the main pipe under your sink. The garbage disposal can chop up most scraps, but the wrong item can quickly seize the blades and no amount of switching on and off will clear the clog. The solution is to have a qualified Southeastern MA plumber come in and use specialized tools to unstick the motor or take the garbage disposal apart to clean the blades.

A lot of our customers never realized that a garbage disposal needs proper maintenance, just like your lawnmower or your car. If not, there will certainly be a blade lockup, a seized motor in your garbage disposal or possibly a major drain clog that requires a plumbing service call. Most garbage disposal repairs are easy to fix if you have the right equipment and know how. For those times when you've tried everything and nothing seems to work, you need to call one of our licensed plumbing technicians to diagnose the problem. Let us determine if there is a fix or if a new disposal needs to be installed.

Our plumbing company has the skill and knowledge to provide quick repairs or installation for your garbage disposal. Our plumbing technician will also provide detailed instructions on necessary maintenance you should employ for your garbage disposal. When visiting with our customers about their knowledge of garbage disposal maintenance and repair, most tell us they weren't aware that a garbage disposal needed upkeep. By enacting a simple maintenance program, you are less likely to need  a plumber to deal with sink backups, leaking pipes, locked blades or a seized motor.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

If you use your garbage disposal daily, here are a few simple tips that help extend the life of this valuable kitchen appliance:

  • Running a cup or two of ice down your disposal will help in maintaining the sharpness of your blades.
  • To handle the nasty odors associated with daily use, cut a lemon or orange into slices and run it down your disposal for a fresh scent.

Performing these two simple maintenance tips on a weekly basis will help achieve maximum performance and ensure you extend the life of your garbage disposal.

Call Dun-RIGHT, your first choice for a plumbing company in Southeastern MA, serving all your plumbing needs. Should you need your garbage disposal installed or repaired, our team of expert plumbers will respond with skill and precision.

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