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There are many choices of boilers being offered on the market today and it definitely is not a “one size fits all” process. As a trusted plumbing company in Southeastern MA, we offer homeowners top-of-the-line boiler systems that are energy efficient and easy to maintain. We've had great success with Weil McLain and Viessmann gas-fired boilers.

Weil McLain Gas-Fired Boilers

These gas boilers are designed for improved fuel economy and long-lasting performance with an efficiency ratings as high as 96%. Constructed of highly durable components, our high efficiency gas boilers deliver quiet, consistent warmth. A variety of models are available to meet your specific residential heating needs.

You will  find these boilers in both aluminum or cast iron models. For the best blend of gas heating and energy effectiveness, look no further than Weil McLain gas boilers. They deliver peace of mind, unmatched comfort and immediate energy savings.

  • GV90+ Gas Boiler - Rating: 91% AFUE - Materials: Cast iron heat exchanger- Type: Gas
  • CGi Gas Boiler - Rating: 85% AFUE - Materials: Cast iron heat exchanger - Type: Gas
  • CGa Gas Boiler - Rating: 84% AFUE - Materials: Cast iron heat exchanger - Type: Gas
  • CGt Gas Boiler - Rating: 81% AFUE - Materials: Cast iron heat exchanger - Type: Gas
  • EG Gas Boiler - Rating: 84% AFUE - Materials: Cast iron heat exchanger - Type: Gas

Viessmann Gas-Fired Boilers

Viessmann has almost 100 years experience in the design and development of high efficiency heating systems. The company name has become synonymous with technological innovation, quality and reliability, plus the performance of Viessman boilers is not achieved at the expense of the environment. Using a condensing boiler to convert natural gas into heat, you are making an active contribution towards protecting the climate and the environment, thanks to the boiler's unbeatable high efficiency of 98% (Hs)/104 % (Hi). Our gas condensing boilers come with the future built in. Thanks to the Lambda Pro Control combustion control, our gas condensing boilers adjust automatically to all gas types including bio gas mixtures. We will meet the demand for heating technologies across the whole product range. The fact that no energy storage is necessary is also an argument in favor of a gas heating system, especially if you want to use the space for other purposes.

We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our customers by providing quality boiler products and services. Whether you need your boiler repaired, serviced or need a new boiler, Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating can help. Give our plumbing company a call to discuss these high efficiency boilers. For Massachusetts state rebates go to

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